Managing Finance in Enterprise for Computer Scientists

Unit code: MCEL30032
Level: 3
Semester: 2
Credits: 10

Note: This unit is for Computer Science students only.

This unit can not be studied with units MCEL30001/2 or MCEL30011/2.


"This unit puts things into perspective and shows how things apply to real-world scenarios rather than made up case studies."

Managing Finance in Enterprise for Computer Scientists student, 2012.

This unit attempts to link the student's subject area to the commercial world concentrating on the financial elements of a company and new innovations. The material focuses on practicality i.e. how problems can be diagnosed and how to address these problems. This includes adding value, introduction to financial statements, ratios, risk, sources of funding and growing a company. The assignment puts these elements into practice where the practical financial implications of a new business are applied to an invention of the student's choice from their own subject area.

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