Interdisciplinary Sustainable Development

Unit code: MCEL30022
Level: 3
Semester: 2
Credits: 10 

The unit aims to enable you to be a driver for positive change in your future professional career.

The key benefits of studying this unit are:

  • Active learning – be part of a student think-tank, working on open-ended problems drawn from the real world
  • Sustainability and change – through developing solutions to challenges, learn how to overcome barriers to change and apply the principles of corporate social responsibility, life cycle thinking and stakeholder engagement
  • Employability – develop and demonstrate the professional skills that employers are looking for in graduates. Prepare for lifelong learning and continuing professional development
  • Teamwork – discover how to work with those from different backgrounds, develop effective team processes and learn how to respond constructively to feedback
  • Real world scenarios – tackle complex, open-ended problems drawn from the real world
  • Staff support – investigate challenges designed and marked by academic experts, aided by a dedicated facilitator for every team of 7-10 students. This learning format delivers a high level of student support
  • Diversity – learn how to work effectively with those from different cultures and different academic backgrounds

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