Cases in Sustainable Development

Unit code: MCEL33321
Level: 3
Semester: 1
Credits: 10

Note: This unit is only available to Manchester Business School students.


"The way the unit is structured and the participative approach is really good and different to other units."

Cases in Sustainable Development student, 2012.

The aim of the unit is to develop intellectual skills and deeper understanding in students of relevant concepts of, and barriers to, creating change towards sustainable development in a complex world. 

Students will gain an understanding of the complex issues surrounding development towards social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Students will work as teams and develop innovative strategies that balance conflicting needs and consequences, recognising ethical considerations and using creativity to overcome barriers to change.

Students learn a practical, holistic, approach to tackling problems that applies the fundamental principles of sustainable development; requires both the development of close team collaboration, research skills and critical analysis of information.

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