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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

StartUp Spotlight

StartUp Spotlight

Next Speaker: Alex Durrant - Co-Founder of JigTalk

Thursday 19 October, 6pm–7 pm, 1.010 Roscoe Building, Brunswick Street

Book via: https://startupspotlightmanchester.eventbrite.co.uk

Alex is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of JigTalk - the blind dating app that reminds daters that it’s what’s inside that counts.


Alex started JigTalk in 2016 with his friend, Max, the father of the JigTalk concept. Since then the pair have: released alpha and beta apps; acquired over 10,000 users; successfully raised funding; and grown their team. But throughout the journey they have also faced problems: a severely buggy app; an off-the-mark TV show partnership and other rollercoaster type events.  In this StartUp Spotlight Alex will share his lighthearted start-up story with you. The event will start with refreshments - so get there early!

StartUp Spotlight is open to all University of Manchester students and is delivered in conjunction with Manchester Entrepreneurs. 


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