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Venture Further 2017 finalists revealed

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Venture Further 2017 finalists revealed






From a total of 73 entries, 16 entrants of The University of Manchester’s Venture Further 2017 business start-up competition have been selected to progress to the final. There are four finalists in each category; Business, Digital, Research and Social.

The finalists will pitch their business proposals to panels of judges from 18 – 21 April for a chance to win a £10,000 cash prize. Winners will be revealed at an awards ceremony in the Whitworth Hall on Wednesday 3 May.

The 2017 competition is supported by Jacobs, Manchester Science Partnerships and Waters.

Business finalists

(Eleanor Trimble, Siddharth Kohli, Mohammed Abdulaal, Meera Dulabh, and Dr Alex Casson)

Neurolytics is a start-up company with the vision of enhancing marketing solutions by providing insights into consumers’ subconscious behaviour using biometric data analysis. Our goal is to bridge the gap between academic research and commercial industry that currently exists.

(Bilal El Sayed and Benedict Vardey)

UWispa is an innovative mobile phone case that provides clear communication when whispering or when speaking in the noisiest environment. The mission of UWispa is to extend the privacy and communication clarity of your home phone to your mobile phone when out in public.

Wardrobe in the City 
(Crystal Bromwell)

Wardrobe in the City is the first UK-based company to revolutionise clothing ownership, providing women with unlimited access to new outfits through a clothing-rental subscription service. This offers a commitment-free alternative to buying and storing clothes that quickly become outdated and/or unwanted. Furthermore, it discourages women from fraudulently returning worn goods.

Russell Food Group 
(Drs. Amir Khorasani and Mohammad Hajhashem)

Russell Food Group’s aim is to bring healthy and locally sourced food at affordable prices to all consumers. To do this, we are to harness the power of technology to democratize the rural economy, empower the farmers, and disrupt some of the existing supply chains to the benefit of consumers and all stakeholders.

Digital finalists

Spare Space 
(Caleb Conner) 

An innovative idea where people save money and local businesses generate more revenue.  The idea is to use local businesses’ spare space in their shops for storing bags, bicycles, boxes, and much more.  Customers can connect easily to businesses through a phone app for storage locations without spending a fortune.

(Mubashshar Rahman, Jonathan Tang and Ali Ibrahim) 

HollaMe is market place and platform for a student services exchange. We want students to make money, how they want and when they want as well as saving money through using their peers. Student life will never be the same again.

Simple Terms 
(Michal Wisniewski and Edmund Moore)

Simple Terms aims to re-shape and revolutionise the way recruitment industry works by reducing the complexity and increasing transparent and efficiency. It leverages the technology of crowdsourcing and gamification to provide companies with highly qualified candidates, quickly and on a cost-effective basis while benefiting hiring companies and recruitment agencies.

(Rishabh Jindal)

Otterly brings your favourite eateries into the 21st century, so you can simply walk in and place an order on your mobile, or have your order ready just in time for your arrival. There is no need to stand in queues, carry multiple loyalty cards, be frustrated for incomplete menu information, or to wait for the waiter.

Research finalists

MicroSpray Technologies Ltd 
(Drs. Salman Malik and Muftau Akanbi)

MicroSpray Technologies’ mission is to revolutionise particle manufacturing using an innovative, simple and cost-effective spray technology. This platform technology is considered the ‘holy grail’ of particle manufacture in aerosol generation methods and we can now provide the sufficient production of particles for high-value added applications, such as pharmaceutical drug delivery.

(Denis Bandurin and Alexander Obraztsov)

GrapheX develops x-ray sources with graphene-based cold cathodes.  Due to the low consuming power our x-ray sources find their application where portable technology is required, e.g. in urgent medical imaging, oil and gas pipe testing, food inspection and so on.

Cable Coatings 
(Niall Coogan and Barry Johnston)

A novel low cost method to boost electricity grid capacity.

(Mohammad Nazmul Karim and Shaila Afroj)

2Dtronics is a R&D company that offers simple, scalable, cost effective and environmental friendly 2D materials–based technology for wearable e- textiles applications. This patent pending technology would be used in developing 2D material-based e-textiles that would monitor body temperature, heart rate and muscle activity all in real time.

Social finalists

Second Shave Barbers CIC 
(Dr. Salman Malik and Jamshed Malik) 

Homelessness is a global problem that could affect us all. Second Shave Barbers is a barbershop that will empower homeless people to develop new skills as a professional barber and re-enter work. We recognise that barbering is an effective tool to alleviate homelessness and has domino effects in creating entrepreneurs.

Somewhere MCR CIC 
(Kathryn Pierce)

Somewhere MCR Community Interest Company is a new dynamic social enterprise designed to support and celebrate the LGBT+ community through innovative partnerships and cultural projects. The organisation will create and deliver value as a new arts-based LGBT+ creative heritage and learning hub, through the celebration of LGBT+ arts, culture, heritage and enterprise. Teaser microsite: www.somewheremcr.org Twitter: @SomewhereMCR

The Science League 
(Hamza Arsbi and Farah Abu Hamdan)

The Science League is an educational platform combining online gaming with affordable hands-on learning to train children and youth on creative skills for the 21st century, and challenge them to be change agents in their communities.

Bounceback Education 
(Duncan Swainsbury, Eve Chancellor, Jessica Stalmach, Ashton Coates and Neil Stewart)

Bounceback Education is a 'buy one, donate one' tutoring service giving disadvantaged students in the North West access to free tuition. Following a successful pilot, we are building an online platform that will level up the private tuition market across the UK and tackle inequality in the education sector.

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