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Entrepreneurs @ Manchester

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Entrepreneurs @ Manchester

Manchester Enterprise Centre played host to a very successful graduate of the University of Manchester on 23rd November 2016.  Chris Morling is the founder of Money.co.uk, described by The Sunday Times as the second fastest growing business for 2015 and one of the top hundred places to work.  Chris was interviewed at the event by Rachel Bridge, former Enterprise Editor of The Sunday Times.  The talk formed part of the Entrepreneurs@Manchester series which has seen a selection of top UK entrepreneurs come to share their stories about how they have built their businesses, such as Angus Thirlwell, founder of Hotel Chocolat.  The Entrepreneurs @Manchester series is generously supported by a2e, a conglomerate of industrial mid-market companies.

Chris Morling started his own business after a successful corporate career in IT, with companies such as Oracle.  Despite the eventual success of the business, which currently has a £25 million turnover, he recalled how most people were sceptical when he initially told them about the business opportunity he was planning to pursue to build a financial comparison site.  Chris talked about some of the attractions of working at Money.co.uk including the headquarters being based in a castle and having a cinema, weights room and pool table.  He also discussed some of the challenges in growing the business to its current size including how you engage a large workforce with the vision for the firm, which can be harder than in a small closely-knit start-up.

The profile of money.co.uk is set to increase significantly in 2017 with the launch of a major television advertising campaign, which will have a distinctively different tone to that of Moneysupermarket.com and Gocompare.com.

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