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Case study: Felix Strasser, MSc Marketing 2014 - MyHelpster

Friday, November 21, 2014

Case study: Felix Strasser, MSc Marketing 2014 - MyHelpster

•    What is your current job title?
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

•    What is the name of your business?

•    Tell us a little bit about your business

With only three clicks on the MyHelpster website users get a call back from one of our Helpsters, who will solve any problems and answer any questions on their device.

We do this personally, remotely and quickly and importantly in a cost-effective way, which makes MyHelpster an affordable service for small businesses , freelancers and even students.

MyHelpster operates in the tech support market for private users and small to medium sized businesses, an industry already today worth more than $39bn in the UK and USA.

We registered the company in March 2014 and since then we have been constantly shaping and improving our value proposition. As a result we already have had more than 100 customer requests generated from a very limited marketing budget.
•    How did you identify this business opportunity?

The idea originated when we were Bachelor students. During that time, we were constantly working with Microsoft Office products eg creating presentations in Power Point or carrying out sensitivity analysis in Excel. My friend Bjoern was always calling me with queries and I could usually help him quickly and easily.

Additionally,  we both worked  in companies with direct help desk access, a service we valued and it led us to think that there was a gap in the market for a service that would deliver easy, friendly and fast advice to individuals. We conducted further research which proved we were on the right track.

•    Why did you enter Venture Out?
The application process was very straightforward and at that point it was really only an idea and we were highly dependent on feedback. It was tremendously helpful to put all our ideas down in paper and to present it to the judges.

•    What has been your biggest achievement since entering Venture Out?
Developing a website, which attracted more than 100 customers in less than four weeks and receiving positive customer feedback on the value of our service . Additionally, it was great to be accepted into the Sirius Programme, because it helps us to take the next big steps.

•    How do you see the business developing over the next few years – what’s the vision for the future?
Our next primary goal is to raise seed investment to shape our service quality and to finance a marketing campaign to further penetrate the UK market. In the long run we see the opportunity to bring high quality jobs to  less developed areas and to create compelling and rewarding career opportunities.

•    How did your involvement in Venture Out/support from Manchester Enterprise Centre help you to reach your current position?
The Manchester Enterprise Centre brought us into contact with the TiE Incubator programme in Manchester, where we worked over the Summer and developed our first website. We received a lot of valuable feedback on our value proposition and access to important contacts.

•    What advice would you give to someone considering entering Venture Out?
Take the chance – there are not many competitions in Manchester of this kind and if you really want to become an entrepreneur this is a great opportunity to get feedback.

•    Has the business been successful in any other enterprise competitions or in attracting further investment?
We have been accepted onto the Sirius Programme from UK Trade & Investment,  a government initiative that invites recent graduates with promising startup  ideas and businesses  to launch from the UK. We received a grant of £28.000,  as well as a place in the Accelerator Academy and office space in the Innovation Warehouse in London.


•    Which original thinker/entrepreneur do you most admire and why?
Richard Branson - a lifelong learner and risk taker. He is also a fantastic marketer!

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