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Venture Further 2014 winners to be announced this week

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Venture Further 2014 winners to be announced this week






The finalists of Manchester Enterprise Centre’s annual business start-up competition have pitched their business proposals to a panel of expert judges, and the winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on Thursday 8 May at the Museum of Science and Industry.


The competition attracted more interest than ever this year, with 68 entries from across the University of Manchester. This year’s winners will not only receive valuable funding for their fledgling business ideas, but will also access to support from groups across Manchester Business School, the University and its wider networks.


Follow the action from the awards ceremony and find out which finalists become winners >>

The official hashtag for the awards is #VF14.


Business category finalists


Baby in Box
“Baby in Box is an innovative business that allows new parents to customise the content of their maternity box in a simple and cost-effective manner. Baby in Box contains essential items for newborn babies, while at the same time the box itself can be used in a creative way.”

Raza Muneer MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship alumnus – Manchester Business School


BrewBar (ShinDigger Brewing Co.)
“Our vision is to create an iconic BrewBar in Manchester with an on-site brewery that will be a showpiece for the bar, serving the freshest possible beer. The BrewBar will be a cultural hub for Generation Y by incorporating street food, live-performance and art, creating a unique and vibrant drinking experience.”

Paul Delamere Master of Enterprise alumnus – Manchester Business School
George Grant BSc International Business, Finance and Economics alumnus – Manchester Business School

“ improves the learning to drive experience by helping learner drivers to find and compare pre-screened independent driving instructors and book and pay for lessons online. It helps driving instructors to better run and manage their business and provide a higher quality learning experience to their pupils.”

Gareth Wilson MBA alumnus – Manchester Business School
Neil Wilson (external)

“Ranata is a revolutionary enterprise that specialises in Portuguese egg tarts. The passion for our shared background and home-made high quality food is the key to our success. The rustic appearance and unique texture of our egg tarts is the irresistible temptation for all generations.“

Aimee Tam BSc Psychology – School of Psychological Sciences
Rita Patricio BAEcon Economics – School of Social Science



Social category finalists


Boost! Consulting
“Boost! Consulting is a social consultancy group aimed at empowering aspiring individuals to achieve their entrepreneurship dreams. We believe in educating the minority to empower the majority, transferring the necessary business skills to allow them to succeed in their business venture.”


Ethan Tan BSc Management (Accounting and Finance) – Manchester Business School
Alyana Popat BSc Management (International Studies) – Manchester Business School

“LIMEE brings together SMEs, who want to save money and improve their sustainability credentials, and recent graduates looking to enhance their leadership and business skills. It provides placements for graduates in businesses to deliver sustainability audits, training, and action plans at a lower cost than environmental consultancies.”

Maria Smith BA Environmental Management alumnus – School of Environment, Education and Development
Alexander Clark (external)


Little Missing Piece Co.
“The Little Missing Piece Co. aims to provide a little piece of advice, support and guidance for the autistic community. By empowering parents and carers with clinical expertise for at-home behavioural support solutions, it will ensure quality care practices for all.”

Ryan Anthony Shoesmith BSc Psychology – School of Psychological Sciences


“PrizeDream aims to be the UK’s leading fundraising platform, designed to raise money for charity while offering donors the chance to win exclusive ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences. PrizeDream intends to revolutionise the current fundraising models, and create a marketplace where there is a unique incentive for everyone to donate.”

Monique Anderson BSc Management (International Studies) – Manchester Business School


Technology category finalists


“Biorelate is a unique provider of rapidly built and expertly curated life science databases for drug discovery and validation. We use novel, state-of-the-art software with expert curation to extract complex data from published literature. This enables us to build bespoke knowledge databases far quicker than current solutions.”

Daniel Jamieson PhD – Faculty of Life Sciences/School of Computer Science
Radu Nedelcu BSc Computer Science with Business Management – School of Computer Science


“Fitifi is an exciting technology-based business venture, specialising in the delivery of personal training, fitness classes and other supporting products through an innovative online platform direct into consumers’ homes or gymnasiums. Fitifi aims to tackle growing global fitness problems by bringing the fitness industry into the homes of millions of people.“

Stephen Baines Global MBA – Manchester Business School


“NemAttract is a revolutionary organic pesticide with a unique mode of action specifically targeting the Western Corn Rootworm, a major pest causing immense crop damage worldwide. NemAttract offers a novel solution to the increasingly worrying problems behind global food security, chemical pesticide use, and biofuel availability.”

Andrew Trigg BSc Biology – Faculty of Life Sciences


“This e-Agri product was designed to bridge the gap between state-of-the-art and developing farming industries, allowing a huge population to maximise their crop yield at a relatively low cost. The implementation of the device ties in with the Big Data initiative as global sensor networks record valuable information.”

Charles M. Veys MEng Mechatronic Engineering – School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Max Szolcek MEng Electronic Systems Engineering – School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Nigel Sheng Yu Tee MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering – School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Lucky Lim MEng Mechatronic Engineering – School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Keshav Ramduny MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering – School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Graphene category finalist


GO Filters

“GO Filters is a graphene oxide-based membrane that can effectively extract lithium ions, which are used in modern-day batteries, from seawater. Current lithium extraction methods are time consuming and costly. GO Filters is a novel, cost-effective extraction membrane which can be easily installed into existing infrastructures. “


Uybach Vo, PhD – Faculty of Life Sciences
Eve Blumson, PhD – Faculty of Life Sciences
Stanislava Panova, PhD – Faculty of Life Sciences
Cat McCallion, PhD – School of Pharmacy
Aidan Rooney, PhD – School of Materials


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