Venture Out 2017 - now open for entries

Got a great solution to a problem? 
Here's your opportunity to win some cash and make your idea a reality!

  • Win cash prizes to support the development of your idea
  • Enhance your CV - gain enterprise and entrepreneurship skills
  • Learn how to spot opportunities and develop ideas
The competition is open to all current undergraduate and postgraduate students from across The University of Manchester.

Enter as an individual or a team of up to six members.

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The Venture Out student ideas competition is supported by 
PZ Cussons and Interface.




For ideas that have commercial potential via new products or services.

For ideas that improve the lives and social wellbeing of people and communities.

For ideas that apply digital technologies to generate new
experiences and innovative business opportunities. 

For ideas that focus on the application of University-based research to real-world problems.

What you can win

There are three cash prizes in each of the above five categories that will go towards developing your idea.

1st - £500 2nd - £250 3rd - £100


This year we have an Innovation Challenge from each of our competition sponsors:

A) PZ Cussons – Original Source

Original Source is a range of bath and beauty products made with natural plant extracts and authentic fragrances found from all aspects of nature. The brand believe in respecting the world we live in and that we should live in it loudly and proudly.

One refuse truck’s-worth of plastic is dumped into the sea every minute, and the situation is getting worse.

  • Propose innovative solutions to reduce plastic consumption in the cosmetic industry via either reduction, re-use or recycling of plastic

B) Interface – the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet tiles.  

Sharing the load - sustainable logistics in the UK

Whether delivering our products or taking them back at end of life, transport and logistics are pivotal to any manufacturer's operations and also represent a sizeable amount of environmental impact when measured on a life cycle assessment. In 2010, the transport sector was responsible for approximately 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions (23% of energy-related emissions).

  1. How could manufacturers and logistics providers, operating in and around cities in the UK, best combine their logistics flows in a way that reduces emissions, improves efficiency (i.e. costs, volumes), benefits customers and delivers on the UN SDGs?
  2. How could digital technology be a catalyst for the transforming UK logistics to the benefit of manufacturers, customers and communities? 
  3. [Optional] How can we take the lessons learned from the sharing economy and apply these to re-imagine the delivery and take back of materials within the built environment (such as carpet tiles)?

What you can win

There are three cash prizes on offer for each Innovation Challenge.

1st - £1000  2nd - £500  3rd - £250

Important information 

Please read the competition terms and conditions before submitting your entry 

Entry forms 

Full guidance on writing your entry is given on the entry form. If you have more than one idea, you can enter multiple times. 

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Send your entry form to by 12 noon on Wednesday 8 November 2017.

Venture Out support workshops

We will be running a series of practically-orientated workshops during Semester 1 to support you with your entry. 

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