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Venture Further 2013 winners announced

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Venture Further 2013 winners announced

The winners of our Venture Further 2013 business start-up competition have been revealed.



Business Category


First prize

Fair-T - Naomi Wilde (BSc Fashion and Textile Retailing – School of Materials)

An exciting new business venture focusing on Fairtrade cotton with unique, bold and eye-catching prints, suited for the new and emerging urban brand culture the UK has embraced.


Second prize

Miss P's Barbecue - Gianluca Ivaldi (BSc Actuarial Science and Mathematics – School of Mathematics)

A street food business that specializes in selling barbecued meats typical of Southern USA.



Social category


First prize

Aspire Studios - Christina Taylor (Master of Enterprise - Manchester Business School)

This new enterprise’s vision is to become a nationwide leading concept in dance schools, encouraging sustainability through social enterprise for disadvantaged children, young people and adults whilst still maintaining dance school training to an impeccable standard.


Second prize

4Lunch - Amy Win (BAEcon Economics and Politics – School of Social Sciences)

A catering service that specialises in producing fresh and healthy dishes using seasonal produce. We train young people aged 16-25 who may have experienced periods of homelessness and unemployment to cook, with the opportunity to apply their skills within the organisation.


Technology category


First prize

LipoPep - Anna King and Natalie Cureton (both PhD – Faculty of Life Sciences)

A novel nanocarrier that targets existing drugs directly and selectively to the placenta. Placental abnormalities cause pre-eclampsia, fetal growth restriction and neonatal death and affect over 10% of pregnancies  world-wide. LipoPep provides a way to treat these abnormalities with minimal risk to the mother and unborn baby.


Second prize

ZenGuard - Simon Specka and Markus Hänel (MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship – Manchester Business School)

We are dedicated to browser and online security. We protect our users from internet threats and deliver peace of mind. We are the first company that is able to bring the features and benefits of complicated VPN technology into the browser via a sleek, lightweight and easy to use browser plug-in. We aim to replace outdated anti-virus software in the future, as well as introducing a whole range of other online security related products.


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