Dr Catherine Casson, Lecturer



Catherine joined the Enterprise Centre in August 2014 from the Department of Management, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham. She had previously held concurrent positions as a Research Fellow in the Winton Institute for Monetary History, Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford and as a Teaching Fellow in Medieval History in the School of History and Cultures, University of Birmingham. She completed her PhD in 2009 in the Department of History, University of York on the subject of forgery in trade and manufacturing in medieval English towns, 1250-1400.

Research interests

Catherine's research interests lie in the field of the history of enterprise and entrepreneurship, which she studies in a long-run comparative perspective, using qualitative and quantitative methods. She is interested in entrepreneurship undertaken by both individuals and institutions.

Catherine is also also interested in developing collaborations with heritage organisations on these themes. She has recently held a grant from the Alliance Business School Research Support Fund on 'Heritage, Enterprise and Economic Resilience', together with her colleagues Mr Jonathan Aylen, Dr Kieron Flanagan, Prof Joseph Lampel and Prof Bruce Tether and in collaboration with Prof Peter Miskell (University of Reading) and Prof Teresa da Silva Lopes (University of York).

Catherine is available to co-supervise PhDs on topics related to medieval economic history and the history of entrepreneurship by students who are trained in the use of historical documents.
Innovation Department staff webpage https://www.research.manchester.ac.uk/portal/en/researchers/catherine-casson(d2c04fe8-e89a-4471-96e9-f8f8fc3b675a).html


The Entrepreneur in History: From Medieval Merchant to Modern Business Leader, a co-authored book with M. Casson (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

History of Entrepreneurship: Selected Readings, a co-edited volume with M. Casson (Edward Elgar, 2013). 

Casson, C. and Casson M., ‘Location, Location, Location? Analysing Property Rents in Medieval Gloucester’ Economic History Review, 69 (2) (2016), 575–599 DOI:10.1111/ehr.12117

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‘Reputation and Responsibility in Medieval English Towns: Civic Concerns with the Regulation of Trade’, Urban History 39 (3) (2012), 387-408.

Chapters in books 
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