A guide to enterprise education

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- What is enterprise?

Enterprise is about identifying opportunities, creating ideas and putting them into practice.

Enterprise skills can be applied either in an existing organisation or your own business start-up.

- What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business with a focus on creating a benefit to society.

Profits are re-invested into the company or the community rather than being paid out to shareholders.

- What is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is somebody that applies their enterprise skills to create and build their own organisation in order to take advantage of an opportunity that they have identified.

- What is an intrapreneur?

An intrapreneur is an employee within an existing company that applies their enterprise skills to identify opportunities, create ideas and put them into practice on behalf of their employer.

- What is knowledge transfer?

It is the process of passing knowledge and expertise from academic researchers to organisations and applying it for commercial or social benefit.

- I don’t want to run my own business so why should I study an enterprise unit or degree programme?

Most graduates start their careers by working within an existing organisation. Enterprise education allows you to apply innovative thinking in your area of expertise and understand how organisations operate - a great advantage when applying for jobs.

When you get a job, you will be able to identify opportunities, create ideas and turn those ideas into working innovations to improve the organisation.

- Do I need to have a business idea to get involved?

You don’t need to have a business idea, we will show you various ways of analysing information to identify opportunities and create ideas.

If you already have an idea, why not enter our Venture Out or Venture Further competitions for a chance to win a cash prize.

- Will studying enterprise help me to find work with an existing company?

The skills developed in enterprise education are highly valued by employers.

A good degree and well written job application will probably secure you an interview, but to secure a job you may need to demonstrate some understanding about what makes a business successful, and how you can help to contribute to future success.

- If I am studying a non-business related subject, is it worth studying an enterprise unit?

The majority of students studying enterprise units with us are from non-business related subject areas and so we don’t expect any prior business study or knowledge.

Our units are open to all students from across the University, no matter what your subject background.

- Is it like ‘Dragons’ Den’?

In some units we help you to develop short presentations or ‘pitches’. Presentations are often used to communicate key points to colleagues in a business situation and you will develop valuable skills.

We offer constructive feedback comments, but we don’t sit behind a pile of banknotes and we have never said, ‘for that reason I’m out!’.

- Is it like 'The Apprentice'?

In some units we do set a group assessment where working successfully in teams is essential. We sometimes use a small boardroom and we may ask for short presentations on your project work.

The more opportunities you have to practice as a student, the less daunting the challenge when you are in a job.

We are working on several catch phrases but, thankfully, ‘you’re fired’ is not one of them.